About Me


This won't be easy. 

I've always had a little trouble with writing "about me" posts. You see, I am my favourite person. And I think I am a vicious little bitch. 

Naah, this hasn't made life any more confusing than it already is.

Except for the about me pages. Those are a pain.

Hmm...where do I begin? Birth, maybe?

I was born on the 20th of May, 1991 in some hospital in some corner of Kolkata. I am the second born, after a long line of miscarriages and one dead child. My brother. Never knew him. Wish I did. The day after I was born, Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated. So obviously, Kolkata being Kolkata, closed down. My pop had to walk for hours just to see baby me ( at this point, you are expected to go "awwww").

During the early years of my life, we shuffled to different places in the country, finally settling down in Mumbai.  Due to the frequent moving, single-child status and being an introvert, I never really learnt how to make friends. So I don't have any chuddie-buddies. Just retards I have known since I was eight. I love them.

Our first years in the City of Dreams were not as great as we had hoped. But they improved. Today, none of us (me, mum, dad) can even think of living in any other part of the country. Really, Mumbai is all about accepting. You put your inhibitions aside and just give yourself to the city, soon you will be a part of every breath, every moment, every whisper that flows through this city. You'll fall in love. And you'll never feel the same way about any other place.

My parents are from to different states. Which is a huge thing in India. You see, every state in India has a completely different culture, sometimes even a different language and script. My dad is a Bengali (NOT a Goti, full on Bangal - from Bangladesh). My mum is Oriya. They're even from different castes. And no, it wasn't a love marriage.

I love the fact that I come from two different cultures. I have always been proud of my roots, my upbringing and my family. However, sometimes I feel like I don't really belong anywhere. Which is probably why I am still looking for a place to fit in.

I don't have many people in my life that I can trust completely. And there are even fewer people that I can tolerate to an extent. But I know from a fact that those who really are a part of my life would take a bullet for me. And I for them. 

When it comes to my tastes and personality, I like to call my self a Modern Traditionalist. There I are many things I support and agree with, but there are things I wish were done the way they did things in them olden days. I like mostly mellow, meaningful music, folk, adult contemporary, indie, soft jazz and blue-eyed soul being my favourite genres. In movies, I'm a sucker for bittersweet, melancholic pieces with black humour and flawed/neurotic characters. I like absurdities. Which is probably why I like movies by the Coen Brothers, Woody Allen and most of all Wes Anderson.

I love everything melancholic. Not downright depressing. Just things with autumnal undertones.

Which reminds me, I love leaves. And umbrellas.

And I also think that the Bengali cuisine has one of the most refined and varied palates in the world. 

I'm a vain little bitch, really. Just not that 'little'.

Well, whadday know, I wrote a nice, long about me page. Awh-some!