According to Youniverse

About Me:

I'm bright, fun and quietly confident. Urban living is definitely my cup of tea.  The concrete jungle is my playground. As for my take on life, planning is one of my favorite things! I love being organised and getting things done. If you want to get me talking, then ask me about my favorite reads. I've always got a book on the go. I love getting lost in a really gripping yarn.

Other things that interest me... Well, I'm definitely quite partial to a bit of cafe culture, sitting in a buzzy little spot with the papers watching the world go by. I'd love to have time to learn another language too. I'm really into travelling and expanding my horizons, exploring other cultures and all that so it would be great to actually delve deeper.

Romance to me would have to be those magic moments when the world feels like a happier, friendlier, lovelier place. Four eyes are better than two and all that... I suppose I can be a bit shy sometimes so I'd probably like to meet up for a quiet chat over coffee rather than a really full-on pull-all-the-stops-out date. I'm looking for a guy who knows how to make me laugh out loud.  A good sense of humor is a total winner. If love was a place it would be a cosy bedroom, a perfect sanctuary from the world. I'm a bit of a free spirit so I love being spontaneous. Just be a little bit silly and not care who's watching.

When it comes to values, I guess I'm quite a spiritual person. Success to me is less about material things and more about finding that calm place inside where I feel really balanced and centred. My plus points? I guess I'm really good at planning. I'm just one of those hyper organised people. As for my long term vision - well, it's hard to say for sure - but I definitely like the idea of living somewhere warm and laid-back. Maybe even by the sea.

If I had an extra hour today I'd catch up on some shut-eye! My favorite type of film would have to be foreign films. There's something about reading subtitles that makes me feel ever so cultured! ;) Happiness to me is snuggling up with a blanket and a steaming cup of hot choccie. Bliss! 

When it comes to holidays, I like to head off the beaten track, follow my nose and just do some good old-fashioned exploring. 

My ideal Saturday night would have to include having a bubble bath
My perfect Sunday afternoon would be all about browsing in a bookshop