Sunday, June 27, 2010

Do you believe in love at first sight....

Had an awesome day yesterday. And today. Easily the best 24hrs EVER! thanks to three super sweet and absolutely useless morons!

Bridget Jones's Diary (obviously...what's the point of having a slumber party if Bridget is not invited) and John Tucker Must Die...'twas fun. :D

Anyhoo, two of them left early, which means me spent most day with oldest friend who wants to go by the nickname NIRVANA (she is so not cool enough to pull that off!). First stop: favourite coffee shop in Powai...Aromas...delicious Flat White...mmmm...caffeine heaven...

Second stop: Supermarket - moms, ya know!

Third stop: Bookstore...
Favourite place in Hiranandani, Crossword...spent almost 20 minutes in the kiddie section, discussing the childhood we still haven't grown out of (well not completely...I still have 3 balloons in my room that I stole from my 8 year old neighbour's birthday party yesterday. And I love blowing bubbles). I was talking about Roald Dahl (hugs!) and just how amazingly awesome he is...Just before leaving, forced Nirvana to read one of my favourite Dahl short stories, LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER. As we sat there, reading the supremely awesome story, me noticed Random Guy...

Honestly, he wasn't the kind you notice fact, I'm pretty sure I passed by the place where he was sitting at least three times... but there was something about the guy, the moment I saw him I knew I didn't want to look away...he was a teensy weensy bit older than me, I guess (like early 20's). He was dressed decently well and looked really nice. However, the actual reason why I was smitten is this: he was reading Roald Dahl's kiddie classic, The BFG (lovely book, btw).

And that's just so damn adorable. I love that despite looking like a  mature and serious kind of guy, he was reading a book by Roald Dahl (something I really admire, since just 5 mins before seeing him, I was ecstatic about the fact that there was a fifth Molly Moon book to read).

He sounded nice too. He asked Nirvana the time...I don't remember his voice, but I'm pretty sure I liked it.

Aww damn. I love this guy.

I <3 Random Bookstore Guy


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