Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Warm days of the New Year

Yeah, I know, its not exactly New Year time (rolling eyes). However, New academic year began a week ago and it makes me super happy to say that its been pretty good 'til now.

I still don't like the room they gave me - but thanks to my superior poster sticking skills (and a teensy weensy bit of help from a wonderful friend/not-a-senior), my room = awesome (if I may say so myself).
It's bright but not perky, inspiring but not overbearing, hopeful but not foolishly optimistic. Check my room out:

Posters by a friend (Sush) + clapper from a lame play + 
awesome incomplete collage by me & Nirvana + 
cats (there are white ones too)

Peter, Henry(s),TLA poster, Rat, Wes Movies and Wes himself.

Oh I love this pic!

A pin-board thingy I made from an old poster. 
It's supposed to be shaped like a leaf. And all those doodles are MINE!!

My Gublerland passport :D

I HAVE A SHELF (protected by fellow Gubloids)

Rabindranath Tagore

I still hate the view (nothingness), but my awesome curtains make things bearable!!

A few weeks prior to my return, I started making doodles (as you can see), inspired mostly by Andre Jordan and Dan Piraro. Of late, I find myself "sketching" or whatever its called. I guess its the Gubler Effect :P

Here are a few. Please don't be critical. Remember that I lack basic talent.

I know I'm not good, but I really enjoy doing it :)

So yeah, its been fun 'til now. 

Will keep you guys updated :)

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