Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flavour Of The...erm...Week (I guess)

Refused to watch Criminal Minds till now coz it seemed to serious, uptight and boring.

Have started watching it now.

And it is, in fact, serious, uptight and usually boring.

Will fall asleep watching CM someday and probably be found dead with huge rake stuck in chest. Some sort of a Murphy's Law inspired life-imitating-art thing.

Anyhoo, when all else fails, the one thing that keeps me glued ("loosely tied' being a better adjective) to my telly is one certain Doc Reid (who interestingly, is neither stretchy nor married). Played by Matt Gray Gubler, he is a socially inept genius who has, as shocking as it may seem, more Ph.D's than Sheldon Cooper.

Dr. Cooper was far from amused. 

As far as MattGG is concerned, this week I'm giving him the title "Perfect Guy".

The following is a list of reasons why:

#0. Because currently am three episodes into The Tudors Season 3 and Charles Brandon is gaining more pieces of clothing instead of losing. As a result, have had creepy daydream about Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Thus it is of utmost importance that I divert my attention towards less creepy eyed/feminine individuals.

#1. He (matt) is just as crazy as I am! check out his official website: Usually I don't approve of social networking celebrities - especially those who have "official" web pages. IMHO, most (not all) celebs who do have such sites are no-talent-douchebags who create webpages as shrines to themselves and usually write in third person. Believe me, when the "loading page" page appeared, I was in shock. And awe. And love. And sleep (but that's another story).

#2. His artwork is *amaaaaazing* It reminds me of Quentin Blake's artworks. And those remind me of happier days. (Roald Dahl...sigh...)

#3. He has Curly Brown hair. (And sometimes sports the Crispin Glover 'do.) That's actually my "type". (Jack DeSena, Nick Drake, Josh Groban, Jonathan Groff, Rafa Nadal, Henners - you do the math)

An ideal Christmas Present (also makes good Past and Future)

above: lock-ness monster

#4. His voice. He falls into the TaurMe's List O' Awesome Guy Features Part III: The Voice    TYPE II - he has that throaty-squeaky quality to his voice that I just adore. (once again, do ze maaath - Michael Douglas, Michael J. Fox, Owen Wilson, Wes Anderson)

#5. He is an amazing artist, photographer, puppeteer, toymaker(?), actor, director. Maybe a poet and a writer. He sounds wonderful. And a little like Coraline's Other Mother. But mostly wonderful.

#6. On his site I noticed the following key words: the Addams Family. Now that I've mentioned it, many of his sketches can in fact be passed off as Addams relatives. But then again, these days I see the Addams references every where.

The Crispin Glover Johnny Depp Effect

#7. Those cushiony toy thingies he made out of rags are just plain adorable. I. Want. All.

#8. He read "Annabelle Lee" By Edgar Allen Poe on his website. Ladies and Gentleman, this is TRUE (edging towards creepy stalker-ism) LOVE

#9. He has a v.good sense of humour. Eg: 

  • Last night I slept like a rock that was slipped a roofie.
  • I never met a tree I didn't like.
#10. This is the big one, people. Heck, its so big, I can barely type it. Let me quote his Wiki page:

After he began modeling, Gubler had an internship for Wes Anderson, who encouraged him to audition for a part in his movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Gubler did, and landed the role of Nico (a.k.a Intern #1).



 Pictured above: Epic Epicness

I Am Officially In Love.


Yet another reason why I *love* him:


I got nothing else to add.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

That's where you'll find me...

Me and my friends (NIRVANA included, obv.) have started a joint blog at

We're looking for more members (active members) who would like to share their thoughts/experiences/rants with a close circle of friends. Things look sunny right now - so if I'm not here, I'm there...hell, I'm Everywhere!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I think I know who I am. And I am pretty sure I love the girl I see in my shadow.

11 months ago, I had forgotten the Shadow Girl. I regret it.

Its amazing how it only takes a few charming smiles and a handful of long words thrown in the sky to put a blindfold on you. I had a 3 month break. I finally figured out how to untie the knot.

Some people say I take things too literally. Maybe I do - I don't know. But till I get my brain analysed by a bunch of gloomy doctor, I prefer to think otherwise. Those who say/do bad things to you don't like you. Sure they can say sorry and you probably forgive them too...but I can't. And I won't.

Like I said, I (kind of) know who I am. I don't need to boost my self-confidence - I know exactly what I am. And all I ask is for everyone to love/hate that person. Not just another girl. Not just another human. I know I am different. I choose to be different.

I have always embraced my eccentricity, but I don't expect others to do so. Those poor souls who spend every little moment of their steady lives hiding behind elaborate masks can't possibly understand the freedom that comes with being "weird". I cherish every comment I receive about being "odd".

And yet I let some filthy cold-blooded sadists to morph me into a "regular" kid. Now that I can see, I realize that every great moment of my life in the past year was a lie. They were planned. And I fell for them.

I regret it. I will always regret it. And regrets keep piling up. One day that pile will tremble - those regrets will come down cascading like rocks. They will fall on me, on everything I am - I will cry, I will whimper; I will scream, shout and beg. But nobody will hear me. They won't help me. They'll give a pitiful half smile and call me "odd". And then they will just walk away.

"My aim in life", I tell people, "is to have no regrets".

I haven't completed twenty years and I already have quite a collection.

I don't know what this blog post is about, or what its supposed to mean - I just know that becoming someone else, trying to hide your individuality is not something that gets you a regret-free life. It just gets you a stifling hell.