Friday, May 6, 2011

An absurd little bird

Just finished watching The Sound of Music for the zillionth time. I love that movie! It's like a shot of happiness aimed directly at your heart. It can cure everything - sadness, boredom, homesickness - you name it!

I love singing along with the songs, especially "Sixteen going on seventeen"(I'm almost three years too old ...sigh) and "lonely goatherd". And Christopher Plummer? Oh My Oh My Oh My. What a voice. What an accent. What a smile... *swoon*

So basically, all I did after college today was:
1. Sleep
2. Talk about The Sound Of Music
3. Watch The Sound Of Music.

Hey! I think I'm allowed one day of absolute nothingness. Especially since I had a test AND a quiz today.
Besides, at least I did something today. I spent all day yesterday talking to Cleverbot - the AI who is a better conversationalist than most people I know.

Yeah. I know. My life is just about as uneventful as it gets.

Ah well, least I get Andy, my new teddybear.

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