Monday, May 16, 2011

Songs I love: Kahin Door/Amay Proshno Kore

The Hindi song, 'Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye' has been one of my favourites for as long as I can recall.

Today, while listening to said song (for the gazillionth time), I remembered that the song had a Bengali version(Actually, to be fair, the Hindi one is the 'version'; the Bong one is the original). So I did some google-vestigation and found 'Amay Proshno Kore'.

I spent the whole day listening to both songs. Truth be told, they share nothing except of the tune. They have very different lyrics, different singers, they belong to different movie industries etc.

Also, the Bengali version is much, much better.

My mum says that the reason why I like the Bong version more is because:
1. I'm a Bengali (atleast 50% anyway)
2. Its the original

Although I agree with my mum, I'd like to add the following points:
3. The Bong version is more melancholic (and as you know, I live in melancholy)
4. I think Hemant Kumar had a better singing voice than Mukesh (personal opinion)
5. I understood the whole song - which is a big deal since I know very little Bengalii
6. The lyrics are simpler and more touching. I love the depth and the simplicity of the Bong version. In front of it, the Hindi version looks slightly decorated (whatever that means)

I won't bother translating the Hindi version (I'm sure a translation exists somewhere on the web), but I'm gonna *try* (and probably fail at) translating the Bong version.

Here are the original lyrics:

amay proshno kore nil dhrubo tara
ar koto kal ami robo dishahara
robo dishahara
jobab kichui tar dite parinai shudhu
potho khuje kete gelo
ey jibono shara
ey jibono shara ||

kara jeno bhalobeshe alo jelechilo
shurjer alo tai nibhe giyechilo
nijer chhayar pichhe
ghure ghure pori michhe
ekdin shey dekhi 

ami tumi hara
ami tumi hara
amay proshno kore........ ||

ami poth khuji nato potho more khuje
mono ja bujhe na bujhe na bujhe ta bujhe
amar choturpashe shobkichu jay ashe
ami shudhu tusharito 
gotihino dhara
gotihino dhara
amay proshno kore........ ||


the blue pole star questions me
how much longer will I remain direction-less
 remain direction-less
(I am) unable to give any answer,  just
looking for a path (I) spent
this whole life
this whole life

some had, out of affection, illuminated
which is why the sun's light had dimmed
behind my own shadow
i wander, wander fruitless
one day I see
I am without you
I am without you

(If) I don't look for the path, the path looks for me
my mind doesn't understand what it understands; it understands what it doesn't understand
all around me, everything goes and comes
I am just an icy, 
unmoving stream
unmoving stream

Note: I tried to stay close to the lyrics (its not my interpretation - translations are bad enough, I don't want to ruin the song completely :) )

Here's the Hindi version:

Bong version:


  1. A wonderful post.
    Thanks for sharing interesting article..
    Keep going brilliant work,
    GOD bless you and your loving family.

  2. beautiful song indeed in Hemanta's voice. very apt feelings

  3. Dr Shraddha. mail id.. shraddhauttam@gmail.comApril 14, 2013 at 1:58 PM

    feeling the translated words... tomorrow wanna sing this song ,Hunting for the meaning to add the feel,lovely

  4. 4. I think Hemant Kumar had a better singing voice than Mukesh (personal opinion)
    >> U said it, sir. Once I said the same and I was attacked by some MUkesh-Loyalist. I am of an opinion that Mukesh was a very ordinary singer and all his songs are beautiful because of the compositions & words. If any other singer had sung them, they might have become even more beautiful.

    Let be.
    Thanks for sharing these lyrics with translation. My bengali friend had explained me the meaning and I got a refresher with this.
    Thanks again & all the best.

    - Ranjeet

  5. thank you for sharing the valuable information with us.I also confess that the original Bengali version is a shade better than the Hindi version that i adored for years.

  6. I am an Andhra, and I am not that good at understanding Bengali. All the same, I am of the opinion that Amay Proshno Koray Neel Dhrubo Tara is far far superior to the Hindi version by Mukesh. There is absolutely no comparison, and Hemantda's original is well, just mind blowing.

  7. Thank you for the wonderful translation

  8. I am wondering who wrote the lyrics of the Bengali song. Was it Hemanta or was it Rabindranath Tagore?

    1. Salil Chowdhury has written (only the bengali one) and composed this immortal song.
      Hindi version is written by Yogesh.

  9. Hemantda's version is dripping with melody - pristine melody!
    Mukesh's version is dripping with emotions and feelings.
    hard to compare the two.
    Mukesh doesnt sound like he is singing a song, its a sublime expression of the feelings behind the song.
    Wish there was atleast one such 'ordinary' singer after mukesh.

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  12. Pretty good translation of the song :)
    Song lyrics and music by the legendary Salil Chowdrury

  13. Wow... I was able to appreciate this song fully for the first time. Thanks a lot.

  14. The blue pole star asks me a while
    how much longer will I remain direction-less
    will remain direction-less
    (I am) unable to give any answer, just
    keep on looking for a path (I)guess,
    looking for a path i guess.

    One had, out of love, lit a bright light,
    Reason why the sunlight had long dimmed inside;
    Chasing my own shadow in search
    I have wandered and kept falling like chasing a mirage
    Until one day I see an image
    in which I am without you
    I am without you.

    Now no more I look for the path,
    rather the path reaches me out
    my mind doesn't understand what it understands but
    it tries to understand what it understands nought
    all around me, everything comes and goes
    and yet like a meteor my entire life revolves.
    As if I am just an unmoving stream of ice
    an unmoving stream of ice.

  15. posted this version...let me know how u may like to edit this.

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  17. Thanks for the translation. This song brought back memories of growing up in Calcutta. What a melodious tune from Salil da.