Saturday, July 9, 2011

Less than a month to Chowpatty!

Not that I'll be going too Chowpatty the moment I step on the muddy lands of mumbai.


I've been eating Mumbai street food on the streets of Dubai. They just don't cut it. Too hygienic I think.

Admitted, the last month hasn't been all bad. I got paid...that's good news. Plus I got a big packet of Dark Belgian Chocolate... another plus point.

Oh. And there's a Hot German in my office.

So yeah, things have been pretty good, if you see the 'whole' picture as they say.

At a personal level - I'm still stuck in a rut. Feeling very isolated, distant, detached. Its like every bond I ever made with anyone is snapping. I'm just too tired to be related (to people).

That can't be good.

I'm getting more reclusive, but I'm also turning into a better cook. I'm cooking stuff now. Pretty awesome stuff too.

I don't even feel like typing anymore.


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