Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'm happy. Quite happy.

I'm the nothing-can-bring-me-down happy.

Agreed, its more of a "shut-'cha-cakehole-bitch-I-ain't-gonna-let-you-get-me-down" happy, but hey, its still happiness - I'm not gonna complain.

You know how there are Little happy moments and Big happy moments - today was one with a little happy moment which might, one day, bring Big happy moments.

Today started like any other. I was our last day of internship and I must admit, after two months of ridiculous college-work and uneventful work-work, I was ready to say goodbye and leave. About an hour into boredom, I got call from "De Boss" asking me to meet him.

Well, let me tell you something about De Boss. De Boss isn't really my Boss. My Boss (and by Boss I mean my boss's boss's boss) is on vacation - De Boss is the man who holds the same position in a sister company. As there are two interns working in De Boss's company and two of us in ours, we had to take our components together.

By components I mean these stupid evaluation thingies that our college is forcing on us - quizzes, presentations, group discussions and project reports - two of each. So we were supposed to do our report II and presentation II on a topic related to the work at our station. As our company is one that deals with logistics, I decided to do mine on the impact that transportation has on the environment.

Believe me, it was easier said than done. Knowing myself, I have to say, I hardly put in any efforts. I was making my powerpoint presentation during work and the day before the seminar, I attached an unsaved version of the ppt. So that night I had to slave away just trying to put a decent slide show together. Needless to say, I hardly practiced the speech that was supposed to go with it.

Next day morning I was very tensed. De Boss is a man with sharp eyes and he kept finding faults in everyone's presentations. I just kept praying for my turn to go all smooth sailing. When it did come, I went up there, worried and scared and somehow managed to fumble my way through the whole thing. Not too good. But hey, it wasn't horrible.

Despite my mediocre performance, I actually succeeded in impressing De Boss...

...which brings us back to the events of the day.

Mr. De Boss calls me to his office and says "I read your report, I am very impressed..." I don't remember exactly what he said, but I remember a few phrases, wonderful things like "bright future ahead of you", "many interns have come and worked, but you were different", "there is a spark in you, I expect to see your name in the papers one day", "what you did was great, keep doing work like this", "your generation needs people like you" ...


I told all this to my parents and they were very happy. If only I could see the expression on their faces. Before keeping the phone down, my mom said "...we are very proud of you". Although they say this quite often (mostly just to make me happy), for the first time in a long time, I felt worthy of their pride.

And THAT's why I'm so happy :)


  1. i knew you had it in you. im proud too!
    love, always! :)

  2. Congrats! That's awesome :) I did something similar for an internship. All the interns had to make a video presentation about why it was great to work at their company. Most people did really boring interview-style videos, but I decided to go all out and make a music video. I waited until 2 days before presentations, but everyone loved it. I'm happy you're happy! :)

  3. I love seeing happy posts like this! It sounds like you really impressed your boss and all those compliments seem well-deserved. Keep up the good work!

  4. Woody, Carrymel, thanks for those comments> Feels very good to wake early in the morning (No that I'm free, 9.30 am + early morning)and read such nice comments!

    BTW Woody - a music video? Very cool!

  5. Nicely done! Getting recognition from the bosses is extremely gratifying. Shows they know you work hard, appreciate all of your effort, and will provide a great reference for you in the future!