Friday, June 3, 2011

I Growed Up

I just broke my favourite glass.

I was about to scan something when I accidentally pushed the poor glass off the table.

It broke into a million little pieces.

Had this happened at home, I would've screamed for my mum. She'd come, running, see me point at the ruins, tuck her pallu at her waist, pick up a broom and clear the mess. She would then console the whiney thing she has for a daughter.

Today, right after I broke the glass, I picked up the broom and cleared the mess. I removed every little shard whie thinking about the thousand odd times my mum had come to my rescue.

Sometime in near-past I grew up.

Such a strange, alien thought.

P.S. Between yesterday and today, I still haven't studied anything...


  1. It hits me too sometimes. Though mom is around, there are times when I had to clear up my own mess..and I'm not just referring to it in the literal sense.
    Damn, how did we grow up?

  2. oh our sentiments :)

    sometimes when things happen like that to me, i just scream it out for a second then. go on with life. lol good thing im already "mature" enough to know that screaming won't do anything since no one here is going to hear me anyway :)


  3. I know what it's like to miss my mom in the most random moments. So weird growing up.

    Thanks for following me!

  4. you have a very colorful blog..

    just loved it!