Friday, June 10, 2011

On Words

As per our TRW (technical report writing) course, we are supposed to use simple words for effective communication. Of course, TRW is about reports, things that are inherently boring. So obviously I ignored the advice. Screw simplicity! The only words worth using are the wordy kinds.

What are wordy-words? Well, to me wordy words are the words that actually feel like what they convey, words that can be used to describe themselves. Take the word mumble for example. Say it. Aren’t you mumbling mumble? These are the words I like to use.

Take another example: disarmingBlahblah’s disarming smile... sure, its a pretty sentence and all, but does the word disarming actually disarm you? Now consider the synonyms: captivating, enchanting. They enchant you, they captivate feels amazing to say such words. Another synonym is the word beguiling – there is nothing remarkable about it. Its flat and boring. It doesn’t hold you, It doesn’t make you sway.

Speaking of holding, think of the word mesmerizing – what a word! It mesmerizes you, grabs your attention and doesn’t leave it. These are the words I wish people would use.

And I’m not just talking about dramatic actions (captivating, mesmerizing), Take the word beg. I am begging you v/s I’m requesting you – Hey, if I was in the receiving end, I’d feel more for the person begging with the word beg. In fact, the phrase I beseech thee would work best with me J

There are so many other words, extravagant, flamboyant, tantalizing, scintillating, theatrical ... unfortunately, we use words such as wasteful, flashy, tempting, sparkly and over-the-top – so very uninteresting.

I’m not saying that I support big words and that I hate the simple ones – I don’t know enough words to end my alliance with easy language. I’m just saying that we should, at least once in a while, use wordy-words. Next time you wanna gossip about some poor "gifted" lady, don’t call her chubby or fat (it kinda hurts). Call her voluptuous – a beautiful word that still conveys pretty much the same thing.

A friend of mine loves collecting words. Seems like a fun thing to do, doesn’t it? I’m thinking about doing the same thing.



I’m not thinking.
I am contemplating.


  1. dunn thwack me for this but,
    ur an authenticated word nerd now :P
    kewl !!!! :D

  2. Authenticated? There were questions about my authenticity?

  3. I should like to squee at this blog. Words=win.
    The words I hate the most are those that are you know repeated in a rut, only becuase that's what has been 'used' all these years. TO hell with those. I should be allowed to use Muggle in a formal speech, ja?