Saturday, June 11, 2011

I need things to do

So, I slept at 3 am yesterday, just for the heck of it! Have moved into new apartment with two hostel-mates. Its a hotel-apartment, so we don’t get separate bedrooms or anything. Still, it has a little kitchenette where I’ve been cooking for the past three days.

My dad was in town for four days. Four awesome days. He has gone home now and I have to freaking work for two months.


I must say, I’m enjoying cooking. I never realized how fulfilling it is to cook your own meal. Now I can make anything I want, whenever I want. Isn’t that great?

But what makes me really happy is the fact that I know my dad is proud of me. He is a great cook and for the first time in a long time, I feel like I made him happy.

I woke up late today, cooked, watched Parineeta and It’s Complicated (probably gonna write a blogpost about it soon), slept and am currently watching Its Complicated again. This time on T.V.

I need to find somethingto do.

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