Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ah...the sad, sad tale of love that is not supposed to be love (or sad, for that matter)

Ah! Haven't had contact w/ Mr. Certain Someone for a while now...feeling highly unproductive, lazy, uninspired and really, really, really STUPID!

This is not me. I'm doing things I vowed never to do. Well didn't literally vow...but you get the point...

I do NOT obsess over human beans that I know in real life...such treatment reserved for v. hot, famous, exotic men w/sexy accents.

I do NOT day dream in Future Missus* fashion

I do NOT listen to cutesy-pie Boyband songs about love, love and love. And I def. do NOT put these songs on repeat. Oh no, no, no, no, no, no....

I do NOT blush.

I do NOT like watching overtly affectionate couples walking down the street, holding hands.

I do NOT choose fave flower w.r.t wedding decorations.

I do NOT think of wedding decorations.

I do NOT think of weddings.

I hate myself as of now...I also hate the fact that haven't heard from/about watsisname...but then I hate myself for hating that.

In short, I hate myself.


*(i.e. a girl whose sole aim in life is to get married)

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