Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good Morning (evening, actually) Bridget Jones v.2.0.0 is here

Returned home from new abode/hell/hostel with certain aims in mind:

#1 Shall read classics such as Pride And Prejudice, Emma, Wurthuring Heights, Jane Eyre etc.etc. that have avoided, till date on the account of being an Anti-Romantic.

#2 Will write great plays that shall attract audience from all over the world. Wes Anderson in particular.

#3 Shall not obsess about Mr. Certain Someone anymore.

#4 Shall lead healthy, guilt-free life.


A. Bought Bridget Jones's Diary: The Edge Of Reason (book) instead. Do not regret said decision.

B. Have written nothing

C. Have turned into a sad, sad fan-girly type person. :(

D. Transformed into a self-loathing slob.

Have decided to keep online journal, Bridget Jones style. Of course, have no intentions of actually turning into Bridget Jones as she represents everything that I don't wanna be. Ever. Still. She had Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver drooling all over her...is being another Bridget Jones really such a bad thing?

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