Sunday, January 24, 2010

Have mercy, Dr. Mercer!

I don't like the conventional romcoms...boy meets girl - love - circumstances - blah - blah - happily ever after...etc.etc. Pretty Woman, When Harry Met Sally, Splash, Four Weddings And A Funeral, and in recent times, the likes of 27 Dresses (eeeugh!) are sooo not my cup of tea. But I like movies that are a little different.

Which is why I love Something's Gotta Give

Its about two "mature" individuals, Erica, aged 56, a famous playwright and Harry, aged 63, a record company owner and how, despite being poles apart, find love in each others company.

I love Diane Keaton. And I absolutely love Erica. She's everything I wanna be (oh and being uptight at 56 is not a bad thing. Better than a middle-aged hippie any day).

But its not Erica/Diane that keeps me hooked even when I'm watching it for like the 75th time. Its not even brilliant actor/fellow taurean Jack Nicholson.

Its Keanu Reeves's Dr. Julian Mercer...Harry's 36 year old doctor, Erica's big fan and eventual boyfriend who eventually gets dumped for three-time Academy Award-winning Lothario.

I'm in love.

Julian is just about perfect.

Here's why:
-He's 36. Oooh yeah!
-His name is Julian. Now that's a name. Ever since those Famous Five days, I've been fascinated with the name Julian ( so much) in an Importance Of Being Earnest-esque fashion.
-He's a doctor. Just like Noah Wyle, George "Gorgeous" Clooney, John Stamos, Patrick Dempsey and others...(man, what kind of a sad, sad, sad hospital do I keep visiting?)
Okay, now seriously:
-He's a big fan of a playwright: read: intellectual, interesting, witty, smart, literary, artistic.
-He likes Erica just as she is. Not younger or less wrinkly or less turtleneck-y
-WITTY: (showing adorable bouquet)"These are for you to give me when you apologize"
-Age-scmage...Mr. Awesome is above it all.
-Her uptightness and other flaws do not bother him. Aww.
-Is not a/an alcoholic, workaholic, sexaholic, commitment-phobic, peeping tom, megalomaniac, emotional fuckwit, or pervert. Bridget Jones approves.
-He understands her and respects her for who she is
-He's Keanu Reeves. 'nuff said.

The one thing I hate about the movie is the fact that Erica chooses Harry over Julian. If I were Erica, I would never, ever do that (and no, it has nothing to do with the casting of a certain Canadian-American actor)

In short, please gift wrap the following and send me the same before my birthday.


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