Thursday, October 21, 2010

Table (Balloon)-is!

Oh what fun!

You need:
1. CP pracs in first two hours of college
2. The rest of the day free.
3. A visit from some VIP's that you choose to ignore.
4. Friends as follows:
-nice, excited friend
-Evil balloon sniper
-usually sarcastic moron behaving like a moron
-usually sarcastic moron's NOT boyfriend *sigh*
5. Moderately crowded canteen
6. table that smells of ancient mayonnaise
7.chalks to shamelessly deface the above mentioned table
8. onlookers who think you are insane
9.a balloon!!! *oh joy*


So you start hitting the balloon like a volleyball (not that hard tho) towards each other. make sure that:
a. it doesn't go too far (i.e. to the next table)
b. it doesn't hit any flat surface (ground, table, your head etc.)
award -1 every time a. or b. occurs. Person with the lowest -ve score wins.
And then get bored and play hangman.

Result: one and half hours well-spent!

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