Friday, March 25, 2011

I still can't draw...

but that's not gonna stop me. I know I'm getting worse with time, but who cares! I don't draw because I can (obv. I can't) I draw because I like to. 
The pen is mightier than the sword

A stitch in time saves nine

Yeah is an inspiration

Just so you know, I support the LGBT community...

Was supposed to be a Snowman dressed as a Salesman on a hot Summer's day. Didn't turn out as hoped...

obv. Andre Jordan is an  inspiration

I may smile back but secretly I'm planning your murder

Reincarnation is a bitch

Still haven't been able to phrase this one properly, but you get the point

Yeah, I don't get simple concepts like circular motion. Based on Amy MacDonald's Mr Rock and Roll

Based on Regina Spektor's Us (one of my favourite songs)

Based on Regina Spektor's The Man of a Thousand Faces

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